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Personal Injury Claim

Figuring out how much your accident injuries are worth is a critical aspect of any personal injury claim and it's the part of a claim that is most difficult to determine; the amount varies depending on your very particular circumstances. Here is an overview of how insurance companies determine the value of a claim.

What an Insurance Company Must Compensate

To determine what your claim is wort, you must first know the types of damages for which you may be compensated. Usually, a person who is liable for an accident -- and therefore his or her liability insurance company -- must pay an injured person for:

Medical Care and Related Expenses

Income lost because of an accident, because of time spent unable to work or undergoing treatment for injuries permanent physical disability or disgifurement loss of family, social and educational experiences, included missed school or training, vacation or recreation, or a special event emotional damages, such as stress, embarrassment, depression, or strains on family relationships -- for example, the inability to take care of children, anxiety over the effect of an accident on an unborn child, or intereference with sexual relations, and damaged property.

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