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TOPIC: New Laws To Be Aware Of
New Laws To Be Aware Of 8 Years, 6 Months ago Karma: 0  
Here are some laws that may or may not impact your life, but these are just some of the new Tennessee State laws:

The tax on food drops one-half cent.

Drivers can now use deadly force if they believe they are in immediate danger from a carjacker.

If you make a non-emergency call to 911, you can be fined up to $500 (used to be only $50).

If you drive your motorcycle with the front tire off the ground, you will be charged with reckless driving.

If a group of students gang up on another kid, it's a mandatory one year expulsion.

If you want a divorce you have to go through mediation. If there are kids involved there's a waiting period.

Tax on cigarettes goes up 42 cents to 62 cents. The $0.42 take hike will pay for education and trauma centers.

If kids don't wear helmets on ATVs or dirt bikes, parents will be fined.

The fine for parking in a handicapped spot goes up to $150.

It is now illegal to have sex with an animal.

Everyone, regardless of age, will be required to show identification when purchasing beer at grocery stores or gas stations.

The age for which you can buy Class C fireworks goes from 10 to 16.

If you commit a violent crime with a firearm it's a separate felony that would be served separate from the primary offense. In addition, the legislature made possession of a firearm, a Class D felony. In total, the new law will add five years on top of a sentence for the primary crime. Prior to the new law, possession and use of a firearm were considered part of the crime and you could not be charged separately. Under the new law, when someone commits robbery using a gun, they can be convicted of the robbery itself, or taking the property of another person, as well as being convicted of using a firearm to commit the offense and possessing the firearm during the offense.

The minimum sentence for offenders convicted of child rape increases from 15 to 25 years. Specifies that provisions for person on community supervision applying for release after 15 years would not apply to persons convicted of rape of a child.

If you are in prison and you flash your buns and privates at the guards you can be charged with indecent exposure.

If you have a permanent disability, you don't have to provide a doctor's statement everytime you renew your license plates.

Requires hospitals to offer flu and pneumonia shots to the elderly inpatients during fall and winter months.

If you are charged with vehicular homicide you are no longer eligible for any kind of diversion.

Previously sex offenders only had to register if they committed an offense after 1995, now you have to register by August 1 if you ever committed one. (might want to take another look at the registry for your town in August)

Allows persons to petition for grandparent visitation in general sessions courts with domestic relations jurisidiction or juvenile courts in matters involving children born out of wedlock.

Requires teachers to get 2 hours of suicide prevention training. (I'm assuming that's for students, not themselves, although....)

Permits housing authorities in counties not covered by Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Act to terminate and evict tenants on three days' notice if they engage in violent acts or drug-related criminal activity or behave in a manner that is a danger to other tenants.

Specifies that the limitation on selling a residence with more bedrooms than are permitted by the sewage disposal system permit applies only to new construction, and specifies that real estate agents violate the statute only if they have actual, not constructive, knowledge of the violation.

Adds offenses of rape, statutory rape by authority figure, and aggravated child abuse to list of offenses for which the judge must revoke bail immediately upon conviction.

Requires a sexual offender or violent sexual offender to report any material change in the offender's employment status to the registering agency within 48 hours of the change of status.

In animal cruelty prosecutions, if the defendant does not post court-ordered security to pay for expense of caring for the animal within 15 days, animal is forfeited and defendant loses all ownership rights.

Requires written motor vehicle accident reports, including those prepared by law enforcement and those prepared by the owner or driver of a vehicle involved in an accident, to include insurance policy names.

Permits a juvenile to be photographed or recorded by law enforcement if juvenile is committing offense, if officer is conducting field sobriety test on juvenile, or, in certain circumstances, if juvenile is victim of offense and consents.

Adds enhancement factor by which a defendant's sentence can be increased within the appropriate range that an adult defendant sold or delivered an illegal drug to a minor.

Creates new offense of knowingly leaving child under seven in motor vehicle without supervision; punishable by permissible safety training and as Class B misdemeanor by $200 fine for first offense and $500 fine for second or subsequent offense.

Prohibits the transportation of illegal aliens into the state the fine of $1,000 for such violation, and requires that money received from such fines be applied to the costs associated with deportation of such illegal aliens.

Specifies that seller of property must disclose percolation tests or soil absorption rates prior to contracting with buyer.

Prevents parent whose status as parent has been terminated by operation of law from obtaining child's report card.

Replaces pre-graduation exit examination with three mandatory assessment exams to provide educators with information that will improve high school graduation rates and improve post-secondary achievement; exams to be administered in grades eight, 10, and 11.

Imposes liability upon owner of a dog that causes injury to another regardless of whether the dog had any past propensity for viciousness or whether the owner had knowledge of the dog's viciousness.

Requires water quality enforcement actions be posted on the department's Web site.

Requires automatic revocation of teacher's license when convicted of certain felonies.

Removes height restrictions for buildings located on property along certain scenic highways.

Classifies threatening to use any destructive device on school property or at school-sponsored event a zero tolerance offense with mandatory one-year expulsion; authorizes judges to suspend driver license of juvenile who is adjudicated delinquent for zero tolerance offense.

You can read the rest of them here:


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